Collaborative product planning for complex enterprise scenarios.

Many organizations are able to bring great products to market using only point tools, spreadsheets, slide decks, and the like. But for a growing number of enterprises around the world, the intricacies of product planning have outstripped their “business as usual” processes and tools.

That’s where we come in.

Accept Software helps enterprise product organizations manage and simplify the many challenges involved in planning and executing sophisticated products for demanding customers on tight schedules against a backdrop of continuous change.

Accept360™ collaborative product planning solutions eliminate the work silos that cause confusion, misunderstandings, missed requirements, and expensive delays for today’s enterprise product organizations. It offers the industry’s only collaboration framework that tightly binds ideation, requirements management, portfolio planning, and agile execution together in a single, interconnected solution set – also available as modular capabilities.

With Accept360, your product organization can:

  • Improve customer satisfaction, market share, and competitive standing with products that consistently meet customer needs and your business objectives.
  • Get better products out sooner by moving from strategy to effective action in just days, not weeks.
  • Keep top priorities in perspective throughout the entire product planning cycle and quickly adjust as priorities evolve.
  • Make better decisions at every step based on verifiable data and analysis.
  • Accommodate rapid-fire change no matter when or where in it occurs.
  • Anticipate problems and conflicts before they arise to prevent them from adversely affecting product quality and release schedules.

Versatile solutions that work with what you already have.

Accept360 is a Software as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that works alongside your existing tools and processes. In addition, Accept360:

  • Scales to manage millions of product requirements and complex dependencies
  • Scales to tens of thousands of users
  • Integrates with popular ALM, CRM, and development tools and enterprise applications

Explore Accept360 collaborative product planning solutions.

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