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Accept Software helps innovative enterprises the world over make better, faster decisions about which products to bring to market. Discover how our customers are achieving market leadership, greater profitability and higher customer satisfaction with an interconnected, collaborative approach to product planning.

See how leading enterprises in diverse industries are using Accept360™ solutions to bring the right products to the right markets at the right time.

Ultimate Software Delivers Breakthrough Products with Accept

Learn how Accept helped Ultimate Software transform product planning and execution into a core enterprise business process.


Leading Mobile Telecommunications Company Links Customer Need with Technology Development

Learn how this company to transformed its ways of product planning and development and brought unprecedented sharing of information that strengthened the total product offerings and improved time-to-market.

Alcatel-Lucent Optimize Customer Interactions Through a Transformational Solution

Read how Alcatel-Lucent transformed the way teams work, and provided a powerful “common language” that unified diverse groups building sophisticated solutions.

Activant: Keeping the ‘Touch’ in a Growing High-Touch Business

Listening to customers’ needs and developing and delivering out-of-the-box products that minimize their need for customized solutions, while maintaining ‘high touch’ interaction.

Global Leader in EDA Software Solutions Operationalizes Strategy

Learn how effectively linking product decisions to company strategy and accelerating M&A integration improved requirements prioritization, reduced R&D waste and achieved alignment and synchronization of product and engineering teams.

See What Our Longtime Users Have to Say About Accept!

“I can’t overstate the importance of Accept360 to our success. It has enabled us to:
  • Grow at warp speed: from nine Fortune 500 customers to more than fifty.
  • Grow our revenue and profits over 300%, our installed base over 500%, and our staff by 1,000%.
  • Gain more visibility into what we’re doing in the next 6,9,12 and 18 months than our competitors.
  • Immensely help with collaboration involving developers in different locations across eight time zones.
  • Intelligently balance the unique requirements of a large base of current customers.
  • Fully understand all the requirements, their relationships, and why they’re important to specific customers.
  • Balance business decisions that have helped further differentiate us from our competitors and shortened our time to market.”
David Wagner, VP of MarketingSolution Labs

“When an organization develops one solution with a small team, it’s easy to get people together and determine your priorities. But when you have many different integrated areas of technology that fit into different strategic themes with different levels of priority, you begin to have a many-to-many relationship between requirements, products, and capabilities. You need something totally different to manage that scenario; that’s what Accept allowed us to do.”

Peter Connor, VP of Operations Cadence

“Accept360 has given us clear visibility at the release level of the work effort that needs to get done, the cost associated with that work effort, and the potential revenue impact behind it.”

Frank HeenanEpicor (Activant)
“We are able to forecast our work many months out and maintain a unified shared vision, communicating across all levels and departments in the company.”
VP of Product ManagementUltimate Software

“Accept 360 has demonstrated itself to be a very powerful system with which we have been able to address specific planning challenges, greatly improve our planning processes and, most importantly, increase the quality and accuracy of our plans. We remain particularly impressed with how quickly we generated value from our investment following deployment.”

VP, Product ManagementActuate

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