Accept360™ Agile Management reduces complexity and speeds enterprise development processes by getting everyone in sync – across teams, departments, and time zones. It provides a central repository for all product development priorities. Moreover, it provides clear and continuous insight into how every development task relates to every phase in the product planning cycle, from Idea Management to Requirements Management to Strategy and Product Portfolio Management.

In the rush to get new products out to customers, enterprises are turning more and more to short-iteration development processes, known broadly as agile methodologies. Problem is, the close collaboration that agile methodologies require doesn’t scale well when you have scores of products in the pipeline and hundreds of engineers contributing from the four corners of the globe. How do you ensure everyone stays focused on the top priorities each day in the face of continuous change?

With Accept360 Agile Management, organizations can:

  • Improve agile team productivity. Everyone has relevant access to the business objective, voice of the customer, design, and other key documentation – no more precious hours wasted tracking down vital information in sticky notes and spreadsheets.
  • Stay focused with an intelligent backlog. Stack-rank team backlogs of features or user stories from multiple releases within the context of customer needs, business strategy, product portfolio, and available resources.
  • Respond to dynamic change with greater speed and accuracy. Quickly shift priorities and resources in light of real-time changes in customer requests, technical specifications, fluid market conditions, late-breaking strategic initiatives, and more.
  • Monitor development activities at every step. Powerful dashboards and analytical capabilities allow you to track the execution of product strategies at any level of detail – within and across teams, releases, and iterations.
  • Reduce rework and delays by efficiently managing multiple dependencies across multiple products. Readily synchronize cross-team and cross-department dependencies to anticipate problems and disruptions before they happen.
  • Empower everyone to see the relevance of user stories. Easily connect features and user stories to business requirements, releases, market drivers, company objectives, customer needs, and competitive criteria.
  • Use the development methodology that’s right for your organization. Rely on the agile methodology of your choice, including Scrum, Feature-Driven Development, Agile Unified Process, and Extreme Programming, as well as planning processes such as Stage-Gate™ and PRTM. Or fashion a hybrid system using the best features from different methodologies.

Accept360 Agile Management enables you to quickly unravel and make sense of the tens of thousands of inputs involved in developing multiple products for diverse customers on aggressive timelines. It ensures you keep everything straight by giving every member of every team their own customized view of the big picture, including priorities and their appropriate level of detail.

  • For Product Executives and Managers

    • Reduce the risk of failed projects by easily instilling customer demands and corporate priorities throughout all product planning and development activities.
    • Strengthen customer relationships with the ability to inform customers when their feature requests have been implemented.
    • Gain insight to better manage resources so that people don’t waste time on low-value tasks.
    • Quickly trace the source of any requirement upstream into business justification and downstream into design and development artifacts.
    • Empower agile teams to make better strategic choices and backlog tradeoffs as their timeboxes burn down.
  • For Practitioners and Developers

    • Have everything in one place – all requirements information, dependencies, priorities, specifications, design documents, and more.
    • Know the full story behind every feature and task and how it relates to the overall product objectives.
    • Better understand requirements by receiving details and justifications in clear terms and in strategic context to help you do your best work.


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