Idea Management


Accept360™ Idea Management helps ensure that you select the most valuable and worthwhile ideas to include in your products. It automates the daunting task of capturing, gathering, and organizing thousands of product ideas and requests from customers, employees, partners, executives, and stakeholders. It accelerates the process of refining, socializing, evaluating, and prioritizing the most promising concepts so you bring more profitable products to market sooner.

With Idea Management capabilities from Accept Software, you can capture and synthesize ideas from anyone, any time. The result is a highly manageable innovation pipeline of ideas that is continually updated.

Let’s face it. The best ideas often don’t end up in products. For starters, many companies lack the capacity to effectively collaborate with customers and stakeholders on the ideas they want included in new products. How do you get their input? How do you keep it from getting lost in the shuffle? How do you organize feedback from internal groups like sales and development? Or make sense of it all in time to act? Truth is, many organization that rely on limited point solutions aren’t able to do any of these things very effectively. As a consequence, product decisions are often based on hunches, anecdotal evidence, and the loudest voices in the room – to the great detriment of product sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Gain a single system of record for all product ideas and requests. Eliminate time-consuming manual processes so your entire product organization can stay on the same page.
  • Automate idea gathering and management. Use selective crowdsourcing to automatically gather, filter, rank, and prioritize input from the customers, employees, partners, and stakeholders that matter to your business.
  • Ingrain voice of the customer in product development. Excite your customers and show them you’re listening by empowering them to actively participate in idea generation in ways that are simple to manage. Then gain the ability to stay connected with them so they know their suggestions have not disappeared into a ‘black hole.’
  • Incorporate ideation in all product activities. Rely on continuous collaboration between customers, product managers, and developers to inform all phases of product innovation and development.
  • Take advantage of private “idea communities”. Capture the broadest input from relevant audiences while ensuring confidentiality and protecting intellectual property.
  • Easily incorporate product requests gathered through CRM and other systems. Empower sales and services staff to submit on behalf of customers.

Accept360 Idea Management accelerates the process of refining, socializing, evaluating, and prioritizing the most promising concepts so you bring more profitable products to market sooner. Accept360 helps organizations make key product decisions with greater certainty.

  • For Product Executives and Managers

    • Make product decisions with greater certainty by refining and selecting the very best ideas, validated by external stakeholders, internal evaluation criteria, and quantifiable analysis, readily available through personalized dashboards and analytics.
    • Get a bird’s eye view of customer ideas with complete traceability as to where each idea originated, which customers care about them and why.
    • Reduce customer churn by identifying the features and enhancements you know your customers and stakeholders must have and by showing that you are responsive to all requests.
    • Avoid expensive mistakes and product flops by knowing which ideas you can de-prioritize or discard entirely.
    • Track customer commitments from ideas through to product plans, requirements, and backlogs by way of role-based dashboards and analytical capabilities.
    • Realize a 15-20% product development savings by spending less time collecting, vetting and prioritizing customer inputs.
    • Reduce the risk of missing critical customer needs and contractual obligations.
  • For Practitioners and Developers

    • Build with confidence knowing that important customer requests won’t fall through the cracks and that the features you’re creating will be genuinely appreciated by your customers.
    • Always know the what and why of what you’re building with the ability to connect ideas back to their source to verify why they’re important to implement.
    • Reduce costly and inefficient rework by validating with customers your implementation approaches during the design and development phases.


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