Accept360™ Strategy and Product Portfolio Management simplifies what it takes to develop and implement effective product strategies that maximize market opportunities. It also helps organizations ensure that top-down business objectives are preserved as products move from initial concepts to final execution. Tight integration with Accept360 Idea Management,
Requirements Management, and Agile Execution means nothing falls through the cracks.

Many products disappoint or fail because product teams lack the ability to access and analyze the enormous quantities of data they need to make objective strategy decisions in time enough to adjust to rapidly shifting conditions. And because so much product planning takes place in incompatible process silos, even when companies can land on the right strategies, they often fall by the wayside during the many convoluted phases of getting products to market. As a consequence, wrong go/kill decisions get made, resources are misapplied, market windows close. Customers walk away.

With Accept360 Strategy and Product Portfolio Management, organizations can change all of that.

Accept360 Strategy and Product Portfolio Management allows organizations to:

  • Easily create top-down strategy models and bottom-up product plans. Run strategy models using high-level business assumptions without having to know bottom-up details, and then easily map those models to the bottom-up details to execute and monitor those plans.
  • Build stronger business cases. Access the data you need to make the case for product plans and verify you have the resources to succeed. Stop misaligned initiatives fast, and strike the right balance between sustaining and transforming work.
  • Have full traceability across all product development and planning inputs and tasks. Everyone works from the same blueprint; so strategic assumptions are never lost and stay bolted to the corresponding capabilities required to get them done.
  • Manage and optimize resources. Easily ensure that project resources are working on the most important initiatives and manage dependencies between products.
  • Easily explore “What If” scenarios. Create sandbox models to see the impact of approving new products, killing existing ones, and making adjustments to such parameters as timelines, resource allocations, scope changes, budgets, and more.
  • Monitor progress in real time. Rich analytics, multi-dimensional visual reports, dashboards, and alerts enable you to keep track of performance across the product organization.

Accept360 Strategy and Product Portfolio Management gives you the analytical insight required to ensure you invest in the right products with the right features for the right reasons. It enables product managers, developers, and marketers to share a common process and a unified plan of record.

  • For Product Executives

    • Stay on the right track with your portfolio goals so you can beat your competition to market.
    • Make informed, objective portfolio decisions by easily evaluating new ideas from customers, partners, and employees based not only on market priority, but also company strategy.
    • Avoid costly misjudgments that rob your bottom line.
    • Model the impact of changes anywhere in the product value chain.
    • Ensure everyone stays on the same page with real-time visibility on strategy, roadmap and deliverables.
  • For Portfolio and Product Managers

    • Get a real-time, consolidated view of your portfolio without having to track items across spreadsheets, emails, slide decks or sticky notes.
    • Gain clarity and visibility into customer needs, investment rational, competitive advantage and resource allocation throughout all product planning and development efforts.
    • Easily verify whether you have the capabilities and the resources needed to achieve strategic objectives.
    • Readily simulate and compare alternate strategies, roadmaps and release plans.
  • For Resource and Development Managers

    • Get a complete picture of who is doing what and when.
    • Assess with precision the capacity of your people to deliver on specific customer and business needs.
    • Respond rapidly to new demands and avoid bottlenecks.
    • Gain a better understanding of the impact of shifting priorities.


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